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Welcome to my website! This is the spot for finding out about me, my treatments, and what is going on with me! I update my twitter most often, followed by my facebook, and my blog gets updated for major occurrences. You can get to my twitter site by clicking here. I have included a place on my website where you can donate to a certain cause. During the Winter and Spring, I tend to make this available mostly to marathon fundraising for the MGH Marathon Team, but I am willing to make other fundraising efforts available on that page for no cost. Just contact me via the site’s guestbook or email. I also write about my cancer on the “My Cancer” page above, have a guestbook where you can anonymously write messages to me, of which some get posted. I have a place where you can keep up with my social network pages and also, of course, my blog, where you can look back at my treatment history. I have a page that has my photos and music I created, a page of some links, I wrote about Ewing’s Sarcoma, and finally I have a search engine so you can find the next great place for you to go on the internet. I hope you have a great time exploring!

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